The horses

“Of all the teams I’ve ever led, this team is the most challenging.
They require nothing less than my best on a daily basis.”

Jude Jennison, Director, The Leadership Whisperers

Our herd of 5 horses are our training partners and provide workshops and live events at our resident stables in Warwickshire.
We also have a strategic partnership with an equine charity to identify horses and venues in other locations throughout the UK and worldwide.


Kalle is a 16 year old 16.2 hands Trakehner mare. She has not been ridden extensively so we often describe her as raw horse because she behaves around humans exactly as she does around horses. The most experienced member of the herd, Kalle has been doing Leadership with Horses work since Jan 2012.

Kalle represents how we can hold the paradox of being powerful and strong combined with sweet, gentle and compassionate energy. She is highly intuitive and knows exactly when to challenge a client and when to be gentle with them.

Mr Blue

Mr Blue is a 7 year old 16.1 hands Trakehners gelding. He joined us in Oct 2015 and loves being around people.

He is curious and playful and loves working with clients. Mr Blue has a gentle, sweet energy and challenges clients by getting distracted through play.

Mr Blue has integrated well into a herd of strong personalities and is an established and popular member of the team. He has the loudest and deepest bellow at feeding time!


Tiffin is a 15 year old 16.3 hands Irish Thoroughbred gelding who joined the team in June 2014. He is highly sensitive and mirrors anxiety very clearly!

Tiffin requires clarity, confidence and utmost trust from his leader. He has a capacity to identify physical and emotional pain in clients and often highlights old injuries that clients are still suffering with.


Opus is a 28 year old 16.1 hands Thoroughbred gelding who has formally retired from Leadership with Horses work and continues to live in the herd with Kalle, Mr. Blue, Tiffin and Gaudi. 

He plays an active role in the background and occasionally insists on working with a client if he thinks he can help them. We are deeply grateful to him for his wisdom and for the work he has done in the four years he has been in the team.


Gaudi is a 5 year old 16.1 hands Lusitano gelding who is the full brother to Emma’s competition horse Rchi. We rescued Gaudi as he was about to be put to sleep due to a bad back.

Since joining us in March 2016, our herd of horses have provided clarity and stability for him which is allowing him to relax and transform into a softer, more loving horse. 

Gaudi is young, energetic and playful and challenges clients by pushing their boundaries.

Arqueiro (known as Rchi)

The horses

Rchi is Emma’s competition horse and sometimes works with us in the business and has often been on tour with us delivering Live Events. He is a 10 year old, 16.1hh Portuguese Lusitano gelding.  

Rchi & Emma have a successful competition career and together they excel at Showing and Dressage and regularly train with classical riding masters, competing at a national level.  

Rchi requires strong, powerful leadership based on connection and partnership.

Hermione (known as Hermi)

The horses

Hermi is a 25 year old, 17.1hh Clydesdale cross mare who has been with Emma for 16 years and has transformed the way Emma lives and works through her teaching. 

Hermi has had a full and successful competition career including dressage, show-jumping, cross-country, Le Trec and Civil War Re-Enactments, as well as going on tour with The Leadership Whisperers.

Hermi is now retired from the Leadership with Horses work and enjoys bossing Rchi about and keeping him in check.

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