“What the Leadership Whisperers do is send you headlong into your feelings, your truth, your skills as a leader and your authenticity as a human being.”

Clients experience substantial behavioural change that they implement when they return to the workplace. Here they share case studies, success stories and testimonials of their experience.

Many of our clients are astounded at the learning that they gain by working with horses.

Those who are sceptical are soon won round when they realise that the learning lasts and their leadership changes

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Leadership with horses workshops

  • “A truly innovative leadership training that is like no other – a day in the field (literally!) with horses, working with them and learning that unlike humans, horses are the best reflectors of human nature and provide the guidance and direction and leadership development, and utterly personal to the individual. Totally recommended!”

    Nick Turner, Senior Manager, EMEA Talent Acquisition, Polycom

  • Colin was inspired to write a blog about his experience. Here is an excerpt and you can read more on Linked In.
    “The signals you give out, consciously and unconsciously are picked up by the horses and it’s the unconscious ones which have the greatest impact. Your colleagues at work who appear so stubborn, unhelpful and slow to change are not that way because they are ‘bloody minded’ but because you are not acting with clarity, purpose and as a true leader.”

    Colin Briley, Managing Director

  • “Working with Jude and Emma from The Leadership Whisperers has been  amazing and impactful for everyone in our team in so many ways.  We began with a mixture of emotions – some with scepticism; some with fear of horses; some with confidence and excitement.  However, we now have a shared experience and shared language to draw on. We have learnt to give each other objective, non-judgemental feedback in the moment, to understand our strengths and vulnerabilities and to take pride in our personal and collective achievements in building trust with the horses and each other to enable us to lead together. The time we spent with Jude, Emma and the horses opened our minds and unlocked a confidence that we all feel every day.”
    HR Director Global Manufacturing Client

Live Events with Horses

  • “The unique nature of this event attracted a lot of interest and over 90 delegates attended on the day. The event was delivered by Emma and Jude who were able to engage the audience and provide a blend of theory and practical elements. Our delegates were delighted and it was a pleasure to work with Emma, Jude and their fantastic horses!”

    Stephen Smith, Area Manager at REED

  • “I worked with Emma and Jude on a conference entitled “Women, Leadership & Empowerment”. Throughout they were professional in their approach and the delegates were fascinated and engaged in the session that they ran. It was clear that their offering has great application for those looking for a creative and powerful way of developing leadership and management skills.”

    Jon Dews, Senior Adviser at ACAS

  • “I attended the Women’s Leadership Conference and learned powerful lessons on emotional intelligence and the use of intuition in leadership, which will stay with me due to the unique experience. I would highly recommend the work that The Leadership Whisperers do, especially if you want something memorable which gets straight to the point.”

    Sara Rawstrom, Director at Resilience and Brilliance

Business planning with horses workshop

“After being a little apprehensive of what the day entailed, things quickly started to become clear. It was truly an amazing experience the horses are wonderful animals and I would highly recommend doing this process. Following our training day we have come back to office and really pushed on becoming more focused and having a clear plan of where we are heading”

James Fox, Pentlands Accountants

Mastermind with horses

  • “The space that is created by both Emma and Jude is phenomenal. Then add in the power of the horses and your learning is rapidly accelerated. I feel very privileged to have been part of this fabulous mastermind group!”

    Lucy Barkas, Coach and Trainer

  • “Emma, Jude and the horses form a powerful partnership that embraces and at the same time challenges you to stretch yourself further and further. We arrived on day one of the mastermind group as a bunch of strangers – business owners who wanted to develop ourselves and our businesses. By the end of the process we were working together as a highly trusted group.​”

    Mary Keeley, Communications and Executive Coach

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