Here are some of the things the media have said about The Leadership Whisperers

Featured in HR Grapevine May 2018

When it comes to training your leaders, you don’t have to stick to boring PowerPoint presentations or sitting in a stuffy classroom.

Emma Taylor is a co-Founder of The Leadership Whisperers, an organisation with a unique approach to leadership development which harnesses the power of horses and their natural ability to sense strong leaders…

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Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce and Midlands Business News

Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce featured us after we delivered a half day Leadership with Horses workshop for their Corporate Directors’ Day.

Bethany de Thierry from the Chamber said: “Emma and Jude are pioneering new and interesting ways to develop leadership skills. Working with horses provided us with a hands-on experience which everyone throughly enjoyed and found beneficial.

We launched Go For Growth at the start of this year and this is another unusual example of how a business can expand by thinking differently.”

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Justine Clement from LearnShedLive blogged about her experience of working with The Leadership Whisperers, calling it “a chance to explore how our leadership skills play out. We may be in a paddock with our team and some horses, but what this does is play out as a mini enactment of how well (or badly) we’re performing, communicating and being as a team and as leaders in the ‘real world’, back in the office.”

Justine also said: “I sat next to Jude at a recent event on Leading with Heart and thought she was special. Now I know she is.

Jude is a woman with presence, fortitude, understanding, authenticity and kindness. And when you couple that with a 16-year senior leadership career in IBM and leadership coaching, it’s an undeniably powerful mix. You only have to see her in action for 5 minutes to know she’s utterly found her place in the world. And anyone who’s lucky enough to find themselves at these stable doors will benefit, often profoundly, from her natural aptitude and life experiences.”

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Bright Talk Webinars

Jude has recorded 2 webinars for Bright Talk.

The first is Leading Through Uncertainty, where Jude introduces 7 leadership skills that horses teach us about leading change and explains why they are critical to business and the impact these skills have on clients, teams and organisations.

The second is Leadership Beyond Measure , where Jude talks about building a collective leadership approach, based on trust and relationships.

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce featured us after we recruited a postgraduate student through the Graduate Advantage scheme which matches graduates with growing businesses to focus on specific projects. 

We discovered the Graduate Advantage Scheme after Emma completed Aston Small Business  Growth Programme, run by Professor Mark Hart.  “The business has gone from strength to strength since being founded in 2014 and already works with a number of high-profile clients.  Professor Hart has been very impressed by the ideas implemented by Emma and Jude, describing their business plan as a ‘game changer’.”

Recruiter magazine

Colin Cottell of Recruiter magazine interviewed us when we were headline speakers at Recruitstock – a recruitment festival for in-house recruiters.  Here’s what he said: 

Recruiters are being invited to join a consultation group to explore how horses can be used to recruit leaders. The invitation comes from leadership training company The Leadership Whisperers, whose founders have been working with horses to help in leadership development for the past three years.

Jude Jennison, who runs The Leadership Whisperers with business partner Emma Taylor, tells Recruiter she is keen to hear from recruiters interested in joining the eight-strong consultation group. 

“It’s an opportunity to come and shape something with us, to be part of the next generation of what recruitment can bring.”

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Warwickshire Means Business

Cllr Izzi Seccombe, leader of Warwickshire County Council, admires our innovation.

Cllr Izzi Seccombe said: “This is a wonderful example of business-owners showing an innovative approach which will form a great foundation stone for their own business and benefit others in the county and beyond.

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NFU Countryside magazine

Cherry Williams from NFU Countryside magazine attended our Live Event for the launch of Jude’s book. She says: “We were lucky enough to pop along and see a demonstration of Jude’s work in practice. It was great to meet the horses and see them in action. We watched with interest as people from the audience were asked to come and give their leadership skills a test.”

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Horse & Rider

Emma provides a one week diary of her life as a rider and business owner, including client workshop, follow up meetings, business strategy planning and training Rchi, her competition horse.