1-2 day workshops

Horses mirror leadership behaviour and create profound learning that has a lasting impact on you and your organisation

1-2 day workshops

The Challenge

With more work and less resources, it’s no wonder that leaders feel jaded and burned out.
With longer working hours, efficiency and productivity often reduce.

Leadership is about who you are being and how you inspire and influence clients, teams and the business.
Leaders who have presence and impact are compelling and motivational. Their enthusiasm is inspirational and contagious.

1-2 day workshops

What we do

Horses mirror leadership behaviour so we partner with them and ask you to lead the horses in a number of situations. The horses provide direct, in the moment feedback on how you lead, without judgment. You learn how to continuously modify your leadership style in order to lead in different situations.

1-2 day workshops

What is leadership with horses?

Leadership with Horses (Equine Leadership Development) is available as a one or two day workshop
and involves partnering with horses to learn leadership behaviours.

You partner with horses and lead them on the ground in a variety of different exercises to learn about your personal leadership style and teamwork.

1-2 day workshops

What can you expect?

  • Improved understanding of your leadership style
  • Increased confidence and ability to step out of your comfort zone
  • Resilience, perseverance and recalibration until you achieve the desired result
  • Greater influence with clients and your business
  • An understanding of how to communicate with clarity and the impact of being unclear
  • Greater trust and mutual respect and how to deal with conflict
  • Assertiveness, presence and personal impact
  • Ability to manage energy and pace
Read more about why horses can be powerful as learning partners.

Working with The Leadership Whisperers has been  amazing and impactful for everyone in our team in so many ways.  We began with a mixture of emotions – some with scepticism; some with fear of horses; some with confidence and excitement.  However, we now have a shared experience and shared language to draw on. We have learnt to give each other objective, non-judgemental feedback in the moment, to understand our strengths and vulnerabilities and to take pride in our personal and collective achievements in building trust with the horses and each other to enable us to lead together. The time we spent with Jude, Emma and the horses opened our minds and unlocked a confidence that we all feel every day.

Leading Global manufacturing client

1-2 day workshops

How we work

We work with professionals and leaders at all levels. If desired, we can combine leadership with coaching to create a rich learning experience that meets the needs of your business and your leaders.

1-2 day workshops

Money back guarantee

We are so confident that you will experience valuable learning from our Leadership with Horses workshops. If you disagree, tell us at lunchtime on the first day and you get all your money back.

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