Our philosophy

We help you transform your leaders, your business and society

Our philosophy

We add business value

We focus on business excellence and the potential of individuals as leaders at work and in life. We draw on our extensive business and HR experience in senior leadership positions in global organisations to design programmes that resolve your business challenges and improve your results.

Our philosophy

We create lasting change

We provide embodied learning experiences that are experiential and contextual to ensure that the learning lasts beyond the time spent with us. We provide a follow on coaching meeting to deepen the learning and help you apply what you have learned in a supportive environment.

Our philosophy

We tailor to your needs

We provide tailored Leadership with Horses programmes based on your objectives and team needs. Learning is based on and related to the participants’ own challenges and situations so that everyone learns what they need to learn for maximum business impact.

Our philosophy

We lead by example

We lead by example with courage and compassion. We step out of our own comfort zones to model compelling leadership and bold action. We work collaboratively with our clients and participants to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, throughout the whole process.

Our philosophy

We deliver high quality

Our associates have extensive business and leadership experience and are trained to a high standard. 
Our programs deliver outstanding results. 
All associates operate in alignment with our values and abide by the EAHAE Code of Ethics.

EAHAE & CIPD affiliation

  • Our approach is based on our EAHAE training which is designed specifically for corporate leaders.  
  • We are qualified members of the EAHAE and abide by a global standard for equine guided leadership. 
  • We do not do therapy work nor do we work with children. We can refer you to other practitioners who do this work if required.
Our philosophy

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