The people

Business is undergoing unprecedented change. Leaders need to lead through uncertainty and engage and inspire clients and teams. We combine our extensive business and HR experience with the wisdom of horses to transform your communication skills.

The people

Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor is driven by her belief in people and their potential. She is highly intuitive and provides astonishing insights to people’s capabilities, enabling them to go beyond what they believe is possible.

She intuitively knows when to challenge people to realise their potential and when to allow space for the learning to unfold naturally. She creates a powerful learning environment and a safe space for people to explore new ways of leading.

Emma has worked as a successful CIPD qualified HR professional for the past 14 years in a variety of industries including IT Software, FMCG, Property & Investment Management, Healthcare and Contract Catering.

Emma has coached and led Senior Management Teams and Business Leaders. She understands the vision and values of different organisations, key business operating models and business drivers.

As part of The Leadership Whisperers, Emma won a place on the highly competitive Aston Small Business Growth Programme, run by Aston Business School in 2015, just 3 months after starting the business.

Today Emma is also a speaker on leadership matters and business growth including at Aston Business School. She has been featured on Radio 4, BBC Cov & Warcs and in various publications.

Emma believes we all want to live and work in harmony and we need more dialogue and relational skills to learn how to work through our differences and is a keen mental health advocate.

She combines bold, visionary thinking with transparency, vulnerability and humility to create profound learning experiences that lead to sustainable behavioural change.

She uses her extensive business knowledge to add value both as an HR professional and Leadership Specialist. Emma delivers key business objectives and drives cultural and organisational change at all levels.

EAHAE Qualified UK and global associates

We benefit from the ability to partner with the best of the UK and global network of associates trained in the EAHAE methodology and with extensive business knowledge and experience. With each client, we carefully select the right associates to partner with, this agility enables us to deliver on a truly impactful scale with world leading experts in this field.

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