Live events

In challenging and rapidly changing business environments, new leadership skills and behaviours are required. This calls for new ways of developing leaders that gets fast results, is practical, easy to apply and sustainable long after the training has ended

Live events

What we do

Our live events are a unique and interactive alternative to a conference speaker and provide profound and sustainable learning for audiences of 20-1000+ people, depending on the venue.

We work from a number of conference venues worldwide that provide facilities for working with horses as well as indoor facilities for the rest of your day.

In our Live Events with Horses, you experience:

  • Leading a horse – maximise use of strengths and overcome barriers to success.
  • Goals and obstacles – work as a team to overcome obstacles, learn team dynamics and default pattern and how to improve team cohesion.
  • The power of observation and feedback.
A brief introduction to live events
An extract from a live event
Live events

What can you expect?

12-15 people have the unique opportunity to work hands on with the horses and learn about their leadership.
Live events are interactive sessions where the audience also engages through observation and by providing feedback.
Sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and typically last 2-3 hours.
Topics covered include: cohesive teamwork, courage and confidence, self-awareness and self-belief and much more!
Live events


“I attended the ACAS Women’s Leadership Conference and learned powerful lessons on emotional intelligence and the use of intuition in leadership, which will stay with me due to the unique experience. I would highly recommend the work that The Leadership Whisperers do, especially if you want something memorable which gets straight to the point.”

Sara Rawstrom, Director at Resilience and Brilliance

Create the wow factor for your conference

and book us for a live event with horses

We can also combine live events with networking. 
By including the horses, conversations are richer and connections are deeper.