The Leadership Whisperers work with a variety of specially selected horses across the UK and international, some of the horses you may work with include:-

Arqueiro (known as Rchi)

The horses

Rchi is Emma’s competition horse and a master facilitator who clients engage with on a deep level. He has been with Emma since he was rising 4 and has taken part in numerous Leadership With Horses Workshops over the past 5 years and has often been on tour with us delivering Live Events.

He is a 12 year old, 16.1hh Portuguese Lusitano gelding.  

Rchi & Emma have a successful competition career and together they excel at Showing and Dressage and regularly train with classical riding masters, competing at a national level.  

Rchi brings play, fun and is clear on helping test your boundaries.  He requires strong, powerful leadership based on connection and partnership.

Hermione (known as Hermi)


Hermi is a 25 year old, 17.1hh Clydesdale cross mare who has been with Emma for 16 years and has transformed the way Emma lives and works through her teaching. 

Hermi has had a full and successful competition career including dressage, show-jumping, cross-country, Le Trec and Civil War Re-Enactments, as well as going on tour with The Leadership Whisperers.

Hermi is now retired from the Leadership with Horses work and enjoys bossing Rchi about and keeping him in check.

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