Personal Leadership

We all have the capacity to be extraordinary,
so why settle for anything less?

Personal Leadership

The challenge

The biggest inhibitor to you achieving your greatest success is you. We believe that you are capable of great things when you get out of your own way. Old patterns of behaviour are ingrained. That’s why taking time out to understand them at a deeper level is critical to moving forwards as a leader in your own life.

Our Personal Leadership with Horses days are suitable for anyone who wishes to develop their leadership skills and have more influence in their life and work.

Come on your own or with a friend or bring a group.

Personal Leadership
Full day leadership with horses open programme

A one day workshop for individuals who want to improve their leadership skills.

  • Learn the impact of your key strengths and how to use them more effectively
  • Gain deeper insights into your personal leadership
  • Get clarity on a business and key decisions
  • Overcome barriers to success
  • Get non-judgmental feedback moment by moment from the horses
  • Be more flexible and creative in the moment
  • Change behaviours that no longer work for you to ones that do!
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We have two sessions currently planned. July 5th and August 24th.


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Personal Leadership

Half day Leadership with Horses workshop

This half day workshop includes 3 hours of Leadership with Horses training 
with a mix of understanding your personal leadership impact as well as your default patterns within a team.

Expect to increase confidence in your leadership, identify your strengths, discover where you get derailed
and learn how to use your strengths to overcome barriers to success.

Held at our resident stables in Warwickshire, just off junction 13 of the M40.

Come with a friend or colleague or why not bring a group?

Personal Leadership

Coaching with horses

For those people who want to focus on a specific challenge or want maximum hands on time with the horses,
we provide coaching with horses sessions.

You come with your specific business or personal challenge and we’ll design a workshop or series of coaching sessions to help you overcome it.

Personal Leadership

What can I expect?

Substantial learning!

Horses mirror your non-verbal communication and energy so you gain direct feedback on your impact and have the chance to recalibrate in the moment until you get the desired result. This is a powerful introduction to the Leadership with Horses experience.

Previous participants report continuous learning months and years after the event as the learning continues to unfold at a deeper level.

Personal Leadership

Previous participants say

“One of the most enlightening experiences ever! It is a really phenomenal course for understanding who you are and what makes you tick! Authenticity is key and Jude has bag-fulls!!”

Personal Leadership

Money back guarantee

We are so confident that you will experience valuable learning from our Leadership with Horses workshops. If you disagree, tell us at lunchtime and you get all your money back.

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